Three Quarters Full

I’ve been running lately on a tank that is only 3/4 full… never quite full… definitely not overflowing…

until this weekend! God has been speaking to me through Crazy Love, through the Extraordinary Women’s Conference, the Prodigal God message series @ LP and subsequent LifeGroup discussions… and ALL that He is teaching me and leading me to He tied together this weekend with A.L.I.G.N. at the Ohio Collegiate Fall Retreat… PRAISE GOD!!

I’m exhilarated that He has helped me to listen to His voice, regain focus and purpose and establish priorities of how to get there. I’m sure I’ll have more to say on that… but not tonight.

On a completely DIFFERENT note… I’m a WINNER!! YIPPEEEEEEEE!! I won a drawing held by Lori Wilhite, a PW in Nevada, just because I shared the blessings of being in ministry and being a pastor’s wife. That was the follow-up to PW’s confessions, which ranged from jaw-droppers to knee slappers. Anyhoo, she picked a comment to win a prize pack and it was MEEEEE!! Woot! I don’t know all that will be in the prize box, but she said something about CDs and BOOKS!! <<==== ME LOVE BOOKS!! (Imagine that last sentence with Cookie Monster's voice :)).

Speaking of give-aways… if you have a Little Lady in your life, say between the ages of 5-9ish… you’re going to want to stop by tomorrow because I’ll be posting a book review of “Lady in Waiting for Little Girls” by Jackie & Dede Kendall. When I do a review for New Hope Publishers, they don’t just send ONE book… they send TWO… one for me and one to GIVE AWAY!! Ain’t that sweet??!!?? So, c’mon over tomorrow to win a copy of this sweet book!!

See ya then!!


Any thoughts??

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