Lady in Waiting for Little Girls BOOK REVIEW/GIVEAWAY!!

And the winner is……… MATT V!! Congrats Matt! You guys will love going through this book with your little ‘princess’. I’ll FB you for your mailing address!!

“We must accept our children where they are, and pray passionately for where they need to be.” That quote hit me like a ton of bricks, because often my reaction to ‘where they are’ isn’t praying…

When I received the book, “Lady in Waiting for Little Girls” (by Jackie and Dede Kendall) I was initially worried that my Little Ladies would be too old for this book, because my girlies are kind of over the princess thing… So, I decided to ‘do’ this book with my 9 year old, something special, a time just for us.

Each chapter focuses on a “Tiara Truth,” like obedience, security, patience and keeping Jesus number ONE in your life. These truths are shared through stories, Bible verses and hands on activities. I have to admit, I was given a ‘look’ at a few of the activities… but my Little Lady is at the high-end of the age range for this book. In fact, she’s 9, but she’s not really 9… know what I mean? That being said, I love using ‘hands-on activities” to illustrate lessons and used some of them for all three of our kiddos’ devotion time, which we learned and enjoyed very much.

Nice thing about this book, you can take as long as you want on a lesson, or breeze through it in one session. I do recommend “Lady in Waiting for Little Girls” for Moms and teachers of these Little Princesses. And sooooooooo……

Thanks to the generosity of New Hope Publishers, I’m giving a copy of “Lady in Waiting for Little Girls” away today on my blog! Just leave a comment and you’ll be in the running to win!! Not sure how to comment, click HERE. If you’re not the blessed winner today, you can purchase your own copy HERE or HERE.

Oh yeah, I’ll be picking the winner at 10pm tonight!!

Have a wonderful week, friends!!


Any thoughts??

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