Just a NORMAL Friday

So, this morning I got up – snuggled with my Jesus and coffee – headed out to ZUMBA class, ran to the church (SWEATY AND YUCKY!) to get some things done, realized I needed some things from Walmart for Sunday… and since I’m going to be gone tonight and tomorrow, decided to run to Walmart.

On my way to Walmart, I had the thought… Wouldn’t it be nice to just have a normal day? Work 8-4. Send the kiddos to school. Eat supper. Do kiddos’ activities and homework. Have a routine. A little predictability. Go to church on Sunday. Be a normal family. Normal.

Then, I remembered a time, when we were moving home from the Dominican, that I was craving that normalcy. I prayed for normalcy. God granted my request. We had normal… and I WAS MISERABLE!

Yeah, sometimes things are CrAzY in this life we live… Ministry life is anything but normal. Our “downtime” is when regular people are working. Things can ‘pop up’ often. BEING the church, rather than just doing church, can be sticky. But, I’d rather be on the front lines of faith than hanging out in the land of normal!! I’d rather be stirred by God’s Holy Spirit, obey His sometimes-seemingly CrAzY call and live outside of comfortable because all that BEATS normal any day of the week.

Just thought I’d share that.

Have a blessed weekend! I’ll be relatively unplugged as I’m attending the Extraordinary Women’s Conference in Columbus with Chonda Pierce, Natalie Grant, Julie Clinton, Angela Thomas, Stormie O’Martian, MANDISA and others!! Fill me up, Lord!!


Any thoughts??

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