Fearless – by Max Lucado


Comment # 3 belonging to JILL!! Congrats Jill – I commented on your blog. Email me kgrub94@gmail.com so I can send out the sweet booklet!!

In typical Lucado fashion, Max hits a home run with his new book, “Fearless,” which is available TODAY online or at a bookstore near you. “Fearless” held my attention from the time I 1st cracked it open until its finale. If you’ve ever heard Max Lucado, online or live, you can almost hear him speaking as you read this book, with a southern accent and heartfelt compassion where biblical truth collides and connects with the ordinary person. There’s a chapter in here for everyone! What are you afraid of? Not mattering? Not protecting your kids? Life’s final moments? Global calamity? All that and more is presented in “Fearless”. This book is easy to follow, yet chock full of truths that once embraced, helps us to realize “It’s not the absence of storms that sets us (Christians) apart. It’s when we discover in the storms an unstirred Christ.”

Here are some quotes that stood out as I read “Fearless.”

“Fear is unwilling to share the heart with happiness.”

“Fear corrodes our confidence in God’ goodness.”

“Fear, mismanaged, leads to sin. Sin leads to hiding. Since we’ve all sinned, we all hide, not in bushes, but in 80 hour work weeks, temper tantrums and religious busyness. We avoid contact with God.”

“When you feel unforgiven, evict the feelings. Emotions don’t get a vote. Go back to scripture. God’s word holds rank over self-criticism and self-doubt.”

“Make sure the hull of your convictions can withstand the stress of collisions.”

“Courage does not panic; it prays.”

I highly recommend this book. In fact, I plan on reading it again, chapter by chapter using the study guide available in the back of the book. Whether read individually or used as a group study, “Fearless” will rock the fear out of you and help you to focus on the Rock of courage – Jesus Christ.


Like I said yesterday, today I will be giving away the booklet “Imagine Your Life Without Fear” by Max Lucado. If you’d like to be in the running for this life-changing booklet, please leave a comment below. I know not everyone who stops by here is accustomed to leaving comments, so if you need instructions, click HERE. At 10pm EST, Tuesday night, I will run the random integer thingy to pick a winner. Then, I’ll contact you to get your info so I can mail you the booklet.


Any thoughts??

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