Today and Tomorrow

It’s so incredibly peaceful this morning. The house is QUIET, everyone’s sleeping in on this drizzly Labor Day morning… which translates to extended quiet time for ME! It’s so serene I didn’t even want get my tail off my Green Chair even though the morning’s 1st cup of coffee made it quite necessary ;). Probably only have a few short minutes at this point, because pretty soon everyone will be up and we’ll be getting ready for a Mexican Fiesta here a la Casa Grub! See, my hubby is not just the hubby of yours truly, or the father of three Grubbie kiddos, or just the Pastor of LifePoint Community Church… he is also the Salsa King of Tomato Island! Yes, Kevin embarked this weekend upon making SALSA and 3 TUBS of Pico de Gallo… mild (should be named MEDIUM), HOT and INSANITY! Can you say habanero?? There’s no way we can eat all this fresh salsa by ourselves… so everyone’s invited :). Should be a blast!!

Also, wanted to mention that tomorrow I’ll be posting a book review and will also be doing a give-away! I’ve read Max Lucado‘s new book FEARLESS, which releases tomorrow! As part of this review, Max, along with Thomas Nelson Publishers, included a booklet, “Imagine Your Life Without Fear “, to give away on my blog. Now, I know that 95, ok 99% of you who stop by my blog don’t leave comments (and that’s ok :)), but in order to be eligible for this giveaway, you have to leave a comment. Maybe in the past you have had nothing to say or MAYBE you don’t know how to leave a comment. If you fall under the latter, allow me to help ya’ step-by-step, so you can qualify for this amazing booklet.

  • 1st of all, go to my blog. Oh wait, you’re already here 🙂
  • Click on “Fearless by Max Lucado” (blog-post title)
  • Read the review 😉
  • Scroll down to Post a Comment
  • Click it 🙂
  • Write your comment in the “leave your comment” box
  • Do the word verification
  • If you have a Google Account (google reader, gmail, etc) sign in with that
  • If you have WordPress, Typepad, LiveJournal or AIM sign in with that
  • If not, you can use your name (1st name only if you choose) and an url (ie. if ya’ have a blog)
  • Unfortunately, anonymus will not work for the give-away… cuz’ I won’t know who you are.
  • After everything is done, click “publish your comment”.
  • ***Comment may not show up right away because I do review them before posting. Yours will be posted… no worries 🙂

After 10pm on Tuesday, I will use the Random Integer thingy and it will pull up a WINNER. If you are the winner, I’ll have you email me @ to get your contact information – so I can get the booklet to you. Yea! How exciting!!

Here’s a video preview of FEARLESS to whet your appetite!

Oh, look! 3 out of the 4 are up now!! Have a wonderful Labor Day!


Any thoughts??

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