Sometimes We Use Books

I’ve heard the phrase, “We do ‘school’ all the time, sometimes we use books.” That can pretty much describe our evening last night!! Yes, we started ‘school’ last week (with books) but what the kiddos experience was learning even if they didn’t realize it. We went to some friends, because they have lotsa’ tomatoes… and Kevin is getting ready to make salsa (YUMMO!). They ended up inviting us over for dinner (fresh jalapeno poppers with cream cheese wrapped in bacon, homemade mac-n-chz and turkey sloppy joes!) Then, we picked from their garden, buckets of tomatoes , jalepenos (BIG ones), some cabbage and other goodies. We saw all kinds of veggies, some squash we had never seen before, learned about squash bugs :(, what you can compost and more about gardens. The kiddos went to town, and in typical Grubby Kiddo fashion – quickly made themselves right at home! They played for hours on a dirt hill… I mean hours. I’m not sure all they played, but I heard “Mom” being called several times and they weren’t talking to me… and I’m pretty sure there were Ninjas on the hill as well ;). They played together; with each other and their imaginations! It was a blast watching from a distance!!! Also, they played in the chicken coop and interacted with the hens and a rooster. There they learned about pecking order :o). They had two energetic, fun dogs that they played with as well. It made me miss country living for a bit (just not all the country upkeep…).

Today, I’m letting them sleep in a bit, because we got home so late, and we will crack open our books for ‘school’ at some point. But, last night was a fantastic reminder that they (we) can be learning outside of our bookwork… and sometimes that is what they will remember forever! With my background of teaching in ‘traditional’ school, it’s tough for me to break away from the books, the routine, and papers and pencils. I definitely want to embrace the full spectrum of education, from developing their imagination, playing (working) together to being aware and learning continually from ‘stuff’ around us, not just what they get in books.

Learned about ANIMALS at the Petting Zoo at the Creation Museum

Feeding a horse/zebra… and a donkey/zebra… who knew??
Julia and her camel!!

Emma with the Donkey thingie!!

Learning about being a family… by being with our family 🙂
Learning about Noah’s Ark, by being in Noah’s Ark.

Learning about Dinosaurs, when you’re getting eaten by them!

Love THIS pix!

Learning about the Garden of Eden… IN the Garden of Eden (Creation Museum)

Learnin’ about Scooby Doo… ok, I just like this PIX 😀

Any thoughts??

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