"Everyday Greatness" by Stephen Covey

“Everyday Greatness” by Stephen Covey is an intense, yet light read. It is chock full of life principles however portrayed through stories of ‘everyday’ people. Stephen’s goals for this book were 1) for the reader to relax and enjoy 2) be an inspiration to “get more out of life” and 3) encourage passion to be a “transition person” – one who “breaks the flow of bad – negative traditions…” Covey breaks things down to: The Choice 1) to Act, 2) of Purpose and 3) for Principles.

Stories about Lincoln, Disney, Dickens, and even Dolly Parton are among some shared throughout this book, as well as ‘everyday’ people, and left me feeling moved, inspired and even challenged at times. From intensity and integrity shown in “Girl Against a Blizzard,” to the simplicity and applicability of “Two Words to Avoid – Two Words to Remember”, as well as the practicality and refreshing reminder of one’s need for renewal in “Lessons of a Quiet Cove,” this book provided inspiration and motivation. “Everyday Greatness” opened my eyes to principles to further develop in my own life including (but not limited to): Charity (“love in work clothes”), Integrity, Empathy (“listening with the intent to understand”), Perseverance, Simplicity and Renewal.

Although lacking in spiritual depth, this book would be a great resource for pastors/speakers researching a certain character trait or principle as each chapter can stand alone as a resource. In addition to the stories, each chapter ends with quotes and further thoughts on the principle. Everyone is on a quest of answering the question, “Who am I?” and, “Who do I want to be?” This book provides insight to character one can develop in response to those questions.

Check out “Everyday Greatness” HERE or on Amazon.Com!!


Any thoughts??

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