Why I Love This Man!!!

He is Intensely Dedicated: To God. To us (me and the kiddos). And to the Lord’s work. He allows God to direct him, set his priorities, and pursue them. He engages wholeheartedly the work God has called him to – strives for excellence in all he does. In addition, he steps away from ‘work’ to pour into us (me and the kiddos).

He Listens: When I make a suggestion or when we need to ‘discuss’ something, he listens. He values me and wants to know what is important to me as his wife. He wants to meet expectations. He takes responsibility. He even listens when I don’t say anything – do you know what I mean?

He Has Excruciating Faith: Seriously, try being married to this guy. He is sold out, dag-gonned determined to follow hard after God and willing to press on to whatever He calls him to. Let me tell ya’ what that equals for me = never a dull moment!! But, I wouldn’t trade it for the WORLD! I’ll take Roller Coaster Top-Thrill-Dragster over the Lazy River any day of the week! He runs things past me to which I say, “Yeah right, that could never happen!” or “Are you kidding me!?!” But, nevertheless, God trusts him with vibrant vision and has blessed him with the excruciating faith to follow through. Good thing he knows when NOT to listen to me ;-). His is a rock and his faith strengthens my own.

He Does NOT Give Up: To a fault, I will throw in the towel all too quickly when things heat up, get a little tough or get broken seemingly beyond repair. Not my man! He’s willing to do whatever it takes to grow in his relationship with God, to keep our marriage strong(er), train up our kiddos and lead a ministry (ministries). He finds a way to ‘make it work’ when it seems like something isn’t going to. He’s a thinker. He’s a go-getter. He’s a git-r-done kinda guy.

He Seeks Accountability: 1st of all, he meets bi-weekly with a fAnTaStIc group of guys that pray, plan and process all that LifePoint has going on. However, in addition to them, Kevin purposed to go a step further and has a couple of godly, faithful men that provide accountability for him on many levels – personal devotion time, balancing ministry and family, keeping a short sin account… He knows his weaknesses. He knows where the devil is attempting to cause him to stumble, he knows he’s not above the potential to fall and he knows he can’t handle it alone! Do you have any idea what that means to me as his wife??? It is such a demonstration of his love for me and I am thankful for a man that seeks accountability – and I’m humbled and grateful to the men that provide it – THANKS!

He Knows how to Have a Good Time: Kevin is often the life of the party! He welcomes anyone into our home – after 1 visit to our house – you’re no longer a guest – make yourself at home! When you’re with Kevin, you will laugh and you will feel loved. He plays a competitive game of Settlers or Nerts (but takes defeat (by me) graciously… he he!!)… Well, you might not feel ‘loved’ when playing Settlers or Nerts with him… but you are :D.

He gives people a chance. He gives people the benefit of the doubt. He is patient. He doesn’t rush into decisions, but is quick to act on them as God leads. He leads our home with loving, yet firm, authority. You can see Jesus in him. He’s a mover and a shaker. He loves his Mommy. People are drawn to him. He’s a passionate preacher. He’s a compassionate soul-winner. He speaks the truth in love. He loves tremendously. He gives courageously. He lives worthy of the calling of Christ on his life. He’s not afraid. He’s totally cute (even after ALL these years)! He still has a smooth jump shot. He endures ‘chick flicks’ just to hang with me. He’s a friend to many. He’s a God-follower.

The dude’s not perfect – I didn’t marry Jesus – but he’s a man who strives to be like Him every day. What more could I ask for?


Any thoughts??

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