Love – thoughts from F.F.

Yes, I’m still reading THIS BOOK by Francis Frangipane – and the chapter on LOVE was incredible. It is convicting AND empowering. Thought I’d share a few quotes here on the ‘ol blog… because it’s too much to TWEET 🙂 I’ll not add any commentary… commentary not needed… you shall soon see why… Be blessed!

“Your Christianity is only as real as your love.”

“There is no spiritual unity without love.”

“Even a little root of bitterness springing up in a person’s life can defile many.”

“Painful experiences are allowed by God to teach us how to lover our enemies.”

“There is no such thing as love without committment.”

“The measure of one’s love is found in the depth of his or her commitment to others.”

If your “commitment is shallow, (you) will be easily offended.”

“Every time you refuse to forgive or fail to overlook a weakness in another, your heart not only hardens toward them, it hardens toward God.”

“The one who does not love his brother, cannot love God.” 1 John 4:20

“No one will attain the fullness of God’s purposes on earth without being committed to imperfect people along the way.”

“When you love God, your love for others will actually be like your love for God.”


Any thoughts??

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