Weekend + New Addition

We had a super-D-duper 4th of July weekend visiting my cousin Judy and her family in Indiana!! It was rainy on the 4th, but we didn’t let that stop our plans. Saturday morning, we walked in the Porter County parade representing Neighborlink. Larry and Judy are the founders and leaders of this awesome work – “Neighbors helping Neighbors” – People seek out Neighborlink if they need some help (i.e. leaky roof, help moving) and it’s a job they can’t do on their own (ie. elderly person, single mom etc.). If you are one who wants to help, you contact Neighborlink and say I can help with such and such, sign me up! They link people who are willing to help to people who need it! If you live anywhere Porter County in Indiana, check out their website to see how you can be a part of helping your neighbor. What an amazing way to put FEET to your FAITH. So proud of you guys, Judy and Larry!!

Sunday, after a great service at Liberty Bible Church, we enjoyed a day at the Indiana Dunes State Park and hung out at the beach. The kids had a blast playing in the sand and water – and God blessed with a beautiful day!!

While we were in Indiana, we met Scooter. Larry and Judy and the kiddos have been taking care of him as his owner has been facing hard times… and he needed a ‘home’.

Scooter is a year and a half year old Yorkie – who LOVES, I mean LOVES to play fetch with his squeaky ball (OBSESSED).

Judy casually mentioned that he was ‘available’ early on in the weekend… little did she know that for about two years we’ve been toying around with the idea of getting another doggie for our family – but not wanting to necessarily go through all the puppy stuff and not wanting to spend a boatload of $$, we haven’t got one yet.

My manly hubby has never been a fan of little dogs… but fell in love with Little Scooter! He kept saying, “He’s such a cool little guy!” He’s not yippy like some lil’ doggies, gets along great with kiddos and listens pretty well… and he’s so darn cute! Long story short… we are now the owners of a cute lil’ Yorkie named Scooter!

Once we made the decision, we took Scooter over to say goodbye to his original owner. She’s a real sweetheart and was a little emotional saying goodbye to her buddy, but also that God had answered her prayers for a good home for him and also provided some money for her at ‘just the right time.’ What a blessing it was to meet her, and see God’s hand at work – we just thought we were getting a cute little dog, but God used it to help her in her situation. Isn’t He just awesome??

Coming home, Scooter was a bit nervous around Nala, but is already realizing that while she is a moose, she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Nala really could care less what is going on around her!! Follow Kevin on twitter to hear what Scoot is up to… He is his new baby… and I think he’s taking things just a little to far (he he). Every tweet today included Scooter. We all love our new little guy :-)!!


Any thoughts??

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