Repentance to Deliverance

What does it look like? Let’s start with deliverance

Well, I’ll let the children of Israel tell ya’… Exodus 15

I will sing to the LORD, For He is highly exalted;

He has thrown the horse and its rider into the sea.

The LORD is my strength and my song;

He has become my salvation.

This is my God, and I will praise Him,

My father’s God, and I will exalt Him.

The LORD is a warrior;

Yahweh is His name.

Deliverance is refreshing! Deliverance produces praise!! Deliverance ROCKS!!

How do we get there? Pray like David prayed in Psalm 51!

What does repentance look like? Our good bud Jaime commented on FB that many times people don’t repent, because they don’t know how or what it looks like. Let’s see if I can take a stab at this…

Repentance – according to –noun

  • -deep sorrow, compunction, or contrition for a past sin, wrongdoing, or the like.
  • -regret for any past action.

  • -The GREEK (yeah baby, playin’ the GREEK card!) metanoeō meaning to change one’s mind.
  • -“Repentance (metanoia, ‘change of mind’) involves a turning with contrition from sin to God; the repentant sinner is in the proper condition to accept the divine forgiveness.” F. F. Bruce.

Alright, so you experience a deep sorrow for your sin, you regret it, THEN change your mind about it (from it’s ok to it is NOT ok) and TURN to God.

Sorrow => Change Mind=> Turn From It => Turn TO God (in a nutshell)

God doesn’t ask anything of us that He doesn’t provide even more instructions for. How do you turn from sin and how do you turn to GOD? Let’s see if God’s Word can help us along with that?

*COMMIT – Psalm 37:5 Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will act. Proverbs 16:3 Commit your activities to the Lord and your plans will be achieved.

*RUN – from sin, temptation and TO God. Make a clean break from those you used to hang with… Psalm 119:115. RUN from temptation like Joseph did.

*KNOW – that He LOVES you. Psalm 86:5 1 John 3:1 1 John 4:16 This is HUGE! He wants this for you more than anything!!

*BELIEVE – He’s not going to leave you. He is with you! You are NOT in this alone!

*FILL – Be filled with Him. Spend time with Him. Hear from Him by hanging out in the WORD. Talk with Him in prayer. Begin a daily quiet time, set aside for just Him to read the Bible and pray (it really is THAT simple) but talk with Him all day. Eph. 5:18 Psalm 119:11 Pray constantly.

*FELLOWSHIP – Go to a church (Heb. 10:25), surround yourselves with believers (aka good company, not bad 1 Cor. 15:33). Hang with those that want to follow hard after Christ.

If you don’t know where to begin, click on those verses. Read them. Let God’s truth settle in and work its way through your soul til’ you KNOW it and BELIEVE it. Trust in His goodness. Hang with some people who will help you along the way and KNOW that He loves you more than you can imagine. Oh baby, it’s so worth it to chase hard after God!

You will keep in perfect peace, the mind that is dependent on You

for it is trusting in You.

Isaiah 26:3


Any thoughts??

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