Take Me Out to the Ballgame!!!

This summer, we have embarked upon yet another new adventure… baseball/softball!! In the past, the kiddos played spring soccer, but this year everyone wanted to try baseball/softball.

Check him out! He’s so intense… if that’s not the cutest thing!!!

Joey is on a little league team that is coach pitched (by a machine thingy). He has mostly played center field – where he enjoys making designs in the sand with his cleats, watching cloud formations and occasionally chasing after a ball :p!

Daddy is his coach – which Joey LOVES!
Best part of the game – THE SNACK afterward!!
Did I mention he got his 1st HIT last week??!!??

Julia and Emma are on the same team (YEA!). This is their first year EVER playing softball and they jumped right into FASTPITCH – and they LOVE it!

I honestly can’t believe how quickly they have caught on to things. They have a team of EXCELLENT coaches! Thanks Coaches!!
Julia has been pitching – and again, I just can’t believe how well she is doing after just learning how!! Way to go JuJu!!

Emma has played 1st Base, Outfield and Shortstop. That girl can HIT the ball (she has some pipes, dude!) She’s also a team encourager and chatter starter ;-).

Did I mention that Julia LOVES softball???

Nala – everyone’s BIGGEST FAN!!

I won’t lie, it’s been crazy the past couple of weeks with games, but thankfully (or not, because we all enjoy it) it’s a short season. Joey is done next week and the girls the week after. I love being a Mom – I love watching my kiddos in sports – and I love being in the sunshine and FRESH AIR!

Check out more pix of our summertime fun HERE.

Any thoughts??

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