Summer of Service

Phew – ok – got a sec – so I’m gonna share some pix and quick details of what God has going ON in Findlay!!

LifePoint Gardens – There’s this guy… Jon – who God brought to LP – Let me just say, he goes AFTER IT for God!

This is his 2nd year doing a Community Garden with some students from a local middle school and this year LP is joining him.

They weed, plant, water and take care of some crops and when they’re ready… they are donated to people that need it and/or are sold at the Farmer’s Market and the proceeds to go charity.
Thanks to Lawrence Farms for donating a half acre for this project!!
Jon was nice and bought everyone some fresh strawberries!! THANKS JON!
Check out more pix of LP Gardens HERE.

Invigorate Mission Team: This amazing group of college peeps from across the US stopped in Findlay last Monday to hang out and reach out. We joined them at Riverside Park to pass out FREE Dietsch’s Ice Cream Cones, share a SMILE and invite them to LP. It was a GOOD TIME!! Pray for them, they’re in a different city every day partnering with colleges and churches to see where God is working and JOIN HIM! YOU GUYS ROCK. For more pix of the INVIGORATE TEAM – CLICK HERE.

Carwash and a CONE! This was LP’s 2nd year doing this event – just a way to LOVE on our community. This year we extended it to TWO LOCATIONS! People could come and get a FREE car wash (NO DONATIONS ACCEPTED) and on top of that each car got a coupon for a FREE one-dip cone to Dietsch’s (world’s best ice cream and CHOCOLATE!). I’ll be honest, we didn’t have as many cars as last year, but it was still a raging success – and we got show our community that we care – and don’t want anything in return…

More pix from CARWASH AND A CONE! Next year – we may move it back to Sunday :-).

Concert in the PARK! We were invited by some sweet PEEPS to pass out ice cream at a Christian Concert that was held at Riverside Park on Saturday afternoon. Of course, we took them up on it!! We got rained on, but people enjoyed some (MORE) Dietsch’s Ice Cream… and hopefully felt some Jesus LOVE!

Well, there you have it – last week in a nutshell… More to come… gotta run!! PEACE!


Any thoughts??

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