Zooplosion Challenge & Sharing

Here at LifePoint our KidsLife program uses Elevate Kids (and our Preschoolers use Elevate Jr.), an interactive Kids program where the kiddos learn one main point a week, based on a verse through exciting and adventurous themes… This past Sunday we started ZOOPLOSION! We’re hanging out in some “Bible Stories through the eyes of the animals in the Bible and see how God always provides. Then we will see “what might have happened” and learn that things work out better when we follow God’s plan.” Fun music. Applicable lessons. Reinforcement games… Good stuff.

One thing I love about the Elevate program is the family devotional. Each week, the kiddos take home a family devotional that includes:

  • *Verses to learn with Mom & Dad/Guardians/Grandparents…
  • *Chapters of scripture to read… dig deeper into what they learned on Sunday
  • *Activities to do as a family to LIVE OUT what you learned

We decided to promote a Zooplosion Challenge to the families at LifePoint… that every week your family brings back the devotional with your family name on it and the activities checked off as complete, you’ll be entered into a drawing at the end of the 8 weeks for a one year Toledo Zoo Membership (or, if your family already has a membership, we’ll take care of your next renewal). You can get up to EIGHT chances to win!!! No, the real prize isn’t the unlimited trips to the zoo, (seeing all the ‘don’t cares’ – have to watch Zooplosion to understand that) of course, but that is an added bonus :-)! The real prize is helping families get into the WORD together and begin the incredible habit of family devotions. So many of us don’t or didn’t even know where to start a family devotion time… so here ya’ have it… Zooplosion Family Devotional. LPers, email me if you didn’t get this week’s devotional, and I’ll get it to ya’.

Kids Ministry Workers… If you work in a Kids ministry and would like to try Elevate to see if it’s right for you and your ministry, email me and we’d be glad to share one of series (Starlight Station, Super Sports Spectacular, Kingdom Tales and Spychase) we’ve already used. We’ll even cover the shipping (they’re just CD/DVDs) as long as you promise to send it back ;-).


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