Decently and In Order

I love that God has those lines in 1 Cor. 14!! In vs. 33 it even says that, “God is not a God of disorder but of peace.” This just shakes my windchimes! I THRIVE on order, on a schedule, disciplined. Now, the flip side of that, is that there are times/seasons that require flexibility, and God is continuing to do a work on me in that area – uh, you cannot be in ministry and/or raise kiddos without it. All in all, I work best when I’m well rested (get in bed early), well fed (up early with Jesus) and at least know what is on the schedule for the day. When those things are in order (rest, fed some sort of a schedule) I have peace.

All that to say, we have discovered GOOGLE CALENDAR as a family. WOOT! (WOOT! WOOT!) I have set up my igoogle to include our calendar, the weather, top news stories, my google reader (even twitter- just added it to it yesterday). But, most of all I ❤ google calendar. We (Me, Kevin, Julia & Emma) each have our own calendar and each other's calendars show up on each other's calendars. (Joey doesn't have one yet… I have a handle on his schedule so far :-)). On our calendars we have Kevin's meetings/schedule, sporting events, church events, work schedules, babysitting schedules etc… and it's web-based (obviously) so we can access it anytime!! This may just be a little over-zealous for some, but it is right up my organization alley!! Best of all, it's FREE!

Do you igoogle??


Any thoughts??

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