Biker Rally, Blessing & Hogroast

Today ended the INKED series at LP! Inked – Going BEYOND the surface. I know I’m not the only one… but God is putting me through the wringer through these messages on relationships!! Praise HIM that He still speaks to me!

(Boy oh Boy am I getting behind…) Wanted to share some pix from today’s BIKER RALLY at LifePoint. Several bikers showed up along with LP peeps – for a fabulous morning including a testimony from “Tatoo”, awesome service with someone giving their LIFE TO CHRIST, followed by the BIKE BLESSING and then a Hogroast. What a FABULOUS DAY!

Emma ready for her ride…

Emma with Mike!

Even Joey got a ride around the block! Thanks MIKE for bring a good sport!

Joey – a BIKER with a ChEvY coat!!??!!

Can you hear him, “Speed, I am speed!”

Julia’s ALL SMILES!!

Seriously, Julia is just TOO CUTE!

Ended the night with another LEFTOVER party, open to anyone – was a blast hanging out with some awesome peeps playing cornhole, enjoying a fire and kicking some TAIL in EUCHRE!


Any thoughts??

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