Pix from our NAMB Peeps

We are finished… hanging out in ATL airport. We just accepted a deal to take the 8pm flight (ours was scheduled at 6:45) and just for being flexible to leave 1 hour and 15 minutes later, we got TWO FREE DELTA tickets (:-)) and some meal vouchers. YEA!

Wanted to share some pix from today. I haven’t uploaded my pix to my computer yet (didn’t bring connector cord) but you can visit Tim Cumming’s blog. Tim was our last speaker today and HE WAS PHENOMENAL. He is an energetic, motivational, hands-on, on mission, practical and effective missionary. Here’s someone to follow as he follows Christ! Anyhoo, there are some pix of our candidate class on his blog… and I have a feeling you may want to follow his blog as well.

Well, we have been approved and will now be sent on to the Board of Trustees for final approval – GOD IS GOOD! If all goes well, we’ll be approved June 22nd and official on July 1st!

Super-excited to get home and see the kiddos and get back to the work that God has called us to!


Any thoughts??

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