Where? What? How?

Where?? We are in Alpharetta, GA. Left home at 4am this morning for a 6:30 flight out of DEtroit (accent on the DE).

What?? What are we doing here?? We’re finally becoming official. We are here for our interviews to become official NAMB missionaries to do collegiate evangelism and church planting. (A little background… Early on in planning for LifePoint, God led us to become associated with the NWOBA. We are an autonomous ministry, but this partnership has been strategic in our church planting vision as well as an immense framework of support. The resources available to us and the ministry team/support are invaluable. Also, because of that partnership, Kevin has taken on the collegiate ministry at BGSU, Crosswalk. God is doing some amazing things on the campus of BGSU and it’s an honor to be a part of it! Through this ministry, as well as many other things God is doing, God is paving the way to a church plant in Bowling Green, OH in 2010 – the 1st plant out of LifePoint. We are flabergasted at how quickly this is all coming together, but with God leading, we’re on board!! He is working, so we’re gonna join Him.)

Today was the first day – an information filled day along with some training and encouragement. Everyone here is so compassionate, gracious and passionate about *Sharing Christ *Starting Churches and *Sending Missionaries. We have met some amazing couples and individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to follow God’s call on their lives. It’s amazing! I am twittering, so if you’re following me, you can keep up with what’s happening down here with us in Alpharetta.

Some thoughts that stick out after this amazing day…

In regards to Acts 1:8, “God in His providence has brought the ends of the earth to us” here in North America. Wow! That’s a thought – and so true! Just come to Atlanta… I think Atlanta alone has just about every people group. North America is a mission field.

If God’s called you to salvation, He’s called you to service.”

How??? How can you pray for us?

  • *Pray our interviews go well 🙂
  • *Pray for God to increase and intensify our vision and commitment to His calling
  • *Pray for us (me and Kevin) as we continue to evaluate what we need to be doing and what we don’t need to be doing (priorities) in order to keep God 1st, each other 2nd, our kiddos 3rd and ministry focus next. Still trying to work out the kinks of balance/boundaries, priorities and drive… and we need divine guidance!!
  • *Pray for even an iota of rest… we are staying in a beautiful suite, and the folks at NAMB are blessing us with time scheduled in to REST :-).

Thanks ya’ll – Don’t know if I’ll get to post tomorrow, but should be able to tweet :-).

PS – Enjoyed a sweet visit with Emily who lives down here in the Atlanta area. Emily was an intern with us at SCORE and God is doing some amazing things in her life!! She took us to an amazing Rwandan coffee shop!! GOOD Times!!


Any thoughts??

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