Checking Out

As I mentioned yesterday, we at LifePoint have been experiencing church growth. For me personally, and for my family that has meant some BUSY times. It’s all good. I love serving the Lord, I love serving the people of LifePoint (I LOVE LIFEPOINT PEEPS!) and I love working together to reach people for JESUS! I love seeing God at work and being a part of His work. This is an AMAZING ride – I wouldn’t trade it in for ANYTHING.

That being said, I also recognize when I need to “check out” for a day or two (or three) when the emotional and spiritual barometer is reaching dangerous lows… so that I can REST, REFUEL and REFOCUS! So, Kevin is out of town again – at the Collegiate Summit in Nashville and I am taking the kiddos on a mini-getaway. (Actually, when this posts, I will already be “there,” because we left on Wednesday afternoon.) God seriously has blessed us with the BEST kids – they pitch in and serve where they can, Joey is always asking how long ’til it’s Sunday again (because he LOVES KidsLife) and they don’t complain when we have to stop at the church/office for something (set-up, print bulletins…). They are completely on BOARD with the vision to “Connect this Community to Christ!” (Joey has personally led two of his friends to Christ in the past month – GO GOD!) BUT, they too (even if they don’t realize it) need a break – so the next few days are all about FUN for the kiddos (and me), REST for me (and the kiddos) and time away to spend as a family (sans Papa) and with the LORD! We found when we served overseas and our house was right next door to the Mission Complex (well, part of the mission complex) that in order to ‘check out’ we had to leave the premises. The same may be true for where we are serving now… because we are 5 minutes away from anything that needs to be done, or anyone who needs “something”. So, off we go…

PS – Kevin and I are planning the same thing for the end of the month – which will kill two birds with one stone so to speak… celebrate our 15th anniversary and spend some much needed time together. Looking forward to that too!!

So, adios blog, facebook and computer! (I am actually not even taking the laptop with me!) I may, however, throw up an occasional tweet – we’ll see. Love ya’ll – see ya Saturday!!


Any thoughts??

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