To a woman, it can bring back painful memories of that last few minutes of labor before delivery… but so as not to scare off the guys… this post is not about that.

No – today I’m touching on TRANSITION within the church. There are several possible “transitions” within a church – and just like those last few minutes before delivery, it can be painful.

Growing Pains

One transition that we are experiencing at LifePoint is church attendance growth. We are changing from a small church to a medium-sized church. We are blessed that God has raised up new leaders and volunteers recently – and we have been preparing for this transition, but it is not without growing pains. (Growing pains are good, you just need a little Tylenol 🙂). The transition from a small church to a medium-sized church means more delegation for the pastor. When you’re running 60 you can’t be everything to everybody, and when you’re running 120+ that is true – even more-so. While it is a blessing having more leaders and volunteers to carry the burden, responsibility and ministry, some people still want <>. So, we’re doing some re-arranging, restructuring and realigning to gear up for this next phase. I heard on Biggest Loser last night something along the lines of “anything worth working for, for change, is going to require pain.” Pain is good. Discomfort is good. Let’s grow baby!! We’re ready!! God is rocking our socks off as more people are uniting in the vision to “Connect the Community to Christ!”


Any thoughts??

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