Bad News and Good News

Well, about yesterday… I have some good news and I have some bad news…

We’ll start with the bad news.

  • I woke up with a headache and a crabby attitude 😦
  • Had to arrange and re-arrange KidsLife Workers (Operation Baptism)
  • We ran out of Communication Cards…
  • We didn’t have enough chairs set-up
  • The baptismal (cow trough) water was CoLd!

Now some good news:

  • Had to set up more chairs for the 147 (One HUNDRED FORTY SEVEN) people that were there!!
  • The Worship Band ROCKED and prepared our hearts for the message – and GOD’s presence was THERE!
  • 8 people were planning on getting baptized (including my son, Joey)
  • 9 people GOT BAPTIZED
  • 4 people gave their lives to CHRIST!
  • The Celebration lunch was YUMMY + Great Fellowship

I exalt You, my God the King, and praise Your name foreer and ever. I will praise You every day; I will honor Your name forever and ever! Psalm 145:1-2

Joey’s buddy Tim was there to see the baptism!

WORSHIP @ LifePoint – It’s All About You – JESUS!

Headin’ into the TANK!

Daddy was a little nervous 🙂
Joey was a little COLD!
Down he goes!!

Here is a slide show of the others that were baptized.


Any thoughts??

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