Response Blog

Have you ever written a response blog? I know I have, in fact I wrote one tonight… I’m just not posting it. What is a response blog? Well, my definition of a response blog is when you read something, observe something, hear something… and you respond to it. Now, I’m not saying all response blogs are bad. Response blogs can encourage dialog about a topic, shed light on another’s point of view, and even be an iron-sharpener. It can also be a joy to share something lovely that you have seen/heard… However, that is not what I am referring to tonight… No, I am irritated. And in response to that irritation, I wrote a “response blog” – I said my peace and made my point(s), but it’s not getting posted because I wrote it in irritation, I was venting, I am responding/reacting to something. I often write “blogs” – or simply a journal WORD document, but don’t post them because I don’t get the green light from God. Writing for me is a way to work things out with God, vent to Him if necessary, clear my head, organize my thoughts and then let His word minister to me where I am with all that. I write by hand in my journal ‘book’, as well, but mostly prefer my “online” journal – I can keep up with my thoughts better by typing. Sometimes I feel God give me a nudge and lead me to post what He and I shared. Sometimes I don’t (like tonight) and realize that was just for me and Him… especially if I’m not in the right spirit or if we’re not done dealing with it… Oh, I have posted before even with a red or yellow light… I’ve even gone back and deleted them (when I came to my senses). Not good. No, it’s not always necessary to give my 2 cents, share MY point of view or make MY arguments about something…

Don’t know really why I felt the need to tell ya’ll that… but I did.

A quick quote I want to share regarding this, from ya’ know… that book 🙂. I guess this quote sums why I’m not posting this blog… at least not tonight.

“We will never know Christ’s victory in its fullness until we stop reacting humanly to our circumstances.” Good stuff.

On another note, if you’d like to read a sweet woman’s intense abortion story, click here. What courage to share something so intimate, yet praying that someone that needs to read that does.

Have you heard about the Miss California who stood up against Gay Marriage? Debbie posted the FoxNews segment on her blog. Proud of you Carrie Prejean!! You go girl!

Nothin’ makes you feel warm and fuzzy like a BABY. Check out Pastor Pete’s Blog – with a video from his son’s birth 5 years ago, not the ewwwww part, just the warm and fuzzy part. Awwwwwwww.

Finally, thank you Jesus for a caring daughter. Tonight me and the kiddos met in my room to pray and I just asked, “Who wants to pray?” Julia volunteered. We prayed. Then, Emma asked, “Mom, is something wrong?” I told her I was just irritated. (I was not irritated at the kids, just that one thing mentioned above and just an overall feeling of irritation…) Off to bed everyone went and I took a shower. A few minutes later, Emma walked into my bathroom and asked, “Mom, what can we do so that you won’t be irritated?” Wasn’t that sweet!!??!! Thanks for caring, Em!


Any thoughts??

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