In da’ NEWS…

Well, not major headlines… but in our family… time for a quick update on What’s Up @ Casa Grub:

  • Kevin is gone this week at Exponential. He’s with a great group of guys and he’s getting filled, challenged, refreshed and recharged!! God is so good! I love hearing the updates… he tells me – you have to download this podcast… then proceeds to tell me probably all that the podcast would entail – He’s like a kid in a candy shop. I love it! I love his enthusiasm – it’s contagious!! (PS, on his flight down, he spent his time holding a baby while his mama was… uh… barfing… What a guy!)
  • The kiddos are pluggin’ away at school – hoping to wrap up most things by the end of May. Pretty soon it’ll be time to meet up with the HS evaluator… We’ve had the best school year ever – PTL! And that is a miracle in and of itself considering all that is going on 🙂. We’ll continue Science throughout the summer. BTW, if you homeschool, you have to check out Answers In Genesis Science curriculum. We just started it about 2 weeks ago – and we already love it! The way the lessons are set up – we can do them together – even though I have a 1st grader, a 3rd grader and a 5th grader. We’re doing “God’s Design for Heaven and Earth.” Who would’ve thought Science would be so fun??
  • FAMILY PICTURES – We are SO overdue for some “real” family pictures – My goal is to have them done by the 1st of June… let us get a little sun on our faces 1st .
  • This is the 1st spring that the kiddos aren’t in soccer. They all wanted to try something new, so the girls will be playing softball and Joey will be playing baseball. The nice thing is that the practices haven’t even started yet… so we’ve been enjoying the break since basketball ended. I loved softball as a kiddo, and started playing about the age that Julia and Emma are – and I’m looking forward to watching them play!!
  • Kevin and I will finish up the application process to be “official” NAMB missionaries here in May. We will go to Alpharetta, GA for our interviews and appointment. This is a huge privilege and an honor and we are humbled for the opportunity. We are so thankful for our partnership with the NWOBA and the support, fellowship and encouragement we receive as a part of it. Thanks especially to Steve Long for his love, friendship and support – especially to Kevo. You rock, Steve!
  • Along those same lines, Emma was chosen to be featured in a few NAMB publications. She answered a series of questions about herself and what it’s like to be an MK/PK in Ohio. She will be featured in the April, 2010 editions of GA World and Children in Action Leader, and NAMB features MKs in Lad and Crusader magazines. Das’ kinda’ kewl!
  • Next month Kevin and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Like I said before, God is so good. Never in a million years did I imagine our lives would look like this 15 years ago. We hope to escape away for a few days to celebrate and hang out. Did I ever think I would be married to a Pastor? Did I ever think Kevin would be a pastor?? NO! But, I wouldn’t trade this ride for anything – love ya’ babe!!
  • Looking forward to the nicer weather – then we can start regular campfires in our backyard, complete with smores made with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The backyard may not be huge, but making memories there is. Have I mentioned how incredibly blessed I am – God is so good!!

Any thoughts??

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