Ridin’ The Wave

Whew! With the tidal wave of the weekend – I’ve been slow to walk away from this “high”. This weekend was so incredible – and to see God move in so many people is just breathtaking – I never get tired of this. On top of that – celebrating Easter, which just happens to be my FAVORITE holiday – because it’s all about JESUS – His Resurrection – New Life – HOPE! (Did you know Kevin and I got engaged on Easter?? Yes, it was even my favorite holiday back then :-)).

The JESUS Sand Sculpture in Findlay – A Real MUST SEE

Emma & Julia play with their friend in the sand.

KJ, Jaden and Joey play in the sand too!!

Joey running for the traditional candy hunt @ Mom’s.

Nope, Julia and Emma are NOT too old for the candy hunt yet!!

My cousin Jillian getting ready to go to Zambia with Teen MISSIONS!
So proud of you Jillian!!

All the kiddos (the young ones) on Easter!!

Monday was a special day as well as we celebrated Joey’s 7th birthday! We had his buddies over for a lunchtime party filled with light sabres and pizza – then enjoyed some time together as a family.

The present “huddle.”


Now it’s Wednesday… can’t live in yesterday forever… there’s still so much to do and it may be Wednesday… but “Sunday is coming!” This Sunday at LifePoint, we are starting a new series called “INKED – Going Beyond the Surface.” Each week we’ll hear “tattoo stories” (every tattoo has one) and then Kevin will hit some ‘pressure points’ that we face. I’m really looking forward to this series!! Also, I’m looking forward to being IN church this Sunday :-)!! I had a little mini-marathon of missing “church” due to sick kiddos, rearranging the KidsLife Schedule etc. In addition to Sunday, we’re getting the ball rolling for “Women’s Ministry” which will include fellowship, Bible Studies and outreach. As usual, we’re kind of just watching God pull this together and we’ll join Him… He so totally rocks!

Have I mentioned how totally BLESSED I am?? Livin’ the life baby… livin’ the life!!


Any thoughts??

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