I can’t wait to get a hard copy of THE COURIER today, because the PEEP DROP is the front page picture (there’s no paper on Sundays in Findlay!) WOW! That is the FIFTH time we got free “advertising”… 1) The Courier’s Article 2) The Letter to the Editor 🙂 3) WTOL Channel 11 in Toledo 4) Channel 13 in Toledo and now 5) The Courier again!!

What a weekend:

  • Just about 2000 peeps (people) at the PEEP DROP
  • FIVE kiddos receiving Christ at the PEEP DROP (THANKS CEF)
  • Easter Services were phenomenal – THREE MORE people saved!
  • FREE advertising
  • Emails wanting more about LP (which will turn into hopefully MORE PEOPLE knowing who JESUS is! We want to make HIS name famous!)

Here is a video out TECH guy made of the PEEP DROP – ENJOY!!

And – today is JOEY’s BIRTHDAY – Happy 7th Birthday my WUBBA!!! LOVE YOU!!!!! Getting ready for 7 7-year-olds to play STAR WARS for 2 hours!! Gonna be fun!!

Any thoughts??

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