Well Happy Good Friday to ya’ll! Always ironic that we say Good Friday on this day that we remember Jesus laying His life down for our sins – the day that he was badly beaten, bruised, scorned, mocked, terrorized and abused… for me (and you.) BUT, the GOOD NEWS is that when He closed His eyes on earth that day… it was not the END… because on the THIRD Day – He rose again and is alive today. He is within your reach. You can call out to Him, realize what HE did on that cross 2000+ years ago was for YOU, realize that you’ve done nothing to deserve heaven, in fact your sin has separated you from God. Admit and confess your sin, accept what HE did on the cross was for you, turn from your sin and make HIM Lord of your life. Then He will be the bridge that leads to eternal life in heaven. That’s what makes it Good Friday! Won’t you accept Him today??

I thought I’d take a moment to give some final/last minute info on the PEEP DROP for anyone who stops by here and needs directions, time etc. The Peep Drop will be held at The CUBE Recreation Center at 3430 North Main St. in Findlay (45840). Festivities start at 9:00 am and go until 12:00 pm with the PEEPS dropping about 10:15 am. There will be face painting, jumpy things, snacks, PRIZES… lots of prizes!! games and of course – PEEPS! It’s an event for the whole family!!



Any thoughts??

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