No Regrets

This morning, I was talking with one of my children who made a bad choice earlier this week. One thing that struck me, was when we talked about it that night, she said, “Mom, something in my heart told me that wasn’t the right thing to do. But, I did it anyways.” First, I thanked God that “Something” was the Holy Spirit and that my little one could hear His voice. I explained that when you feel that way, when something tells you in your head or in your heart it’s not the right thing to do, that is usually God – The Holy Spirit. This morning, when we were talking about another aspect of the choice she made the other night – I said to her (which was from God), “When you follow God’s voice, you’ll have no regrets.” After the words came out of my mouth, I thought about them for a minute, and how that is so true and applies to so many areas of our lives.

Giving: When God leads you to give (at church, to a neighbor, support a missionary, support a child etc.) follow Him – and you’ll have no regrets. Recently, a lady told me that God had laid it on her heart to support something monthly, but she had NO IDEA how. Her husband was unemployed and her work barely covered the bills. But, as she continued to pray about it, God opened the door. With the changes with unemployment, her husband’s unemployment check is going to go up the exact amount she wanted to send in monthly. She is following in obedience.

Going: God may be leading you do DO something, GO somewhere – even if it’s “across the room.” When God leads you to reach out to a co-worker, send a note of encouragement to a friend, share Christ with a perfect stranger or follow Him in full-time ministry – “Just Do It!” by faith. Early on in ministry I said the words, “Why would anyone want to be in ministry, it’s so hard!?!” but as God is maturing (ongoing process) me, I realized that anywhere outside of God’s will is absolutely miserable! If He leads me to pray with someone, or share Christ with someone, when I do it, He is glorified, when I don’t – I regret it! As ‘out of the comfort zone’ it may be, I’d rather work through that discomfort than regret it later. When God has changed our ministry direction over the years, we have been SLOW to respond and obey, like Jonah was, and those seasons were awful! If you hear His voice, take that step by faith and trust that He will work out the details.

Temptation: So, when you’re at that moment with friends and you have the choice to pick up the drink or say no – listen to God. When you’re with a guy and he wants to kiss you – listen to God. When you’re in a business deal that just doesn’t feel right – listen to God. Girls/boys, jobs, daily decisions, dating/marriage, moving, serving, parenting… wherever you are faced with a choice, a decision, and you hear God’s voice on the matter – GO WITH IT. Oh! We would save ourselves so much misery if we would just listen and obey!

That how God’s challenging me today. How ‘bout you? Tell me about a time you heard God’s voice, made the right choice and had no regrets…


Any thoughts??

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