You’re Right

I finally made it to Chapter 2 of “The Three Battlegrounds” which has to deal with humility… HuMiLiTy. Francis highlights Matt. 5:25 which says, “Agree with thine adversary quickly…” Our basic, fleshly instinct when accused or criticized by someone (friend, spouse, Holy Spirit… even Satan) is to DEFEND ourselves. We point out the situation, explain the circumstances and make excuses. Francis tells us that, “To humble yourself is to refuse to defend your image.” Instead, when accused, criticized or convicted – the proper response should be, “You’re right!

Imagine how this would revolutionize relationships; marriages, parents with their children, church members/staff, friends, neighbors and on and on. If we would admit that any righteousness that we have or display is of and from Christ alone and before God our righteousness is unacceptable! Instead of rebutting the criticism, simply agree with the “accuser” and “ask for Christ’s love and forgiveness to replace your weak and imperfect love.”

God has challenged me that when someone criticizes me – instead of defending myself, I’m going (to try) to agree with them and “ask God to help me” in that area.

“His (satan’s) hair stands up when Christians kneel down, for humility is the surrender of the soul to God.”

“The strength of humility is that it builds a spiritual defense around your soul, prohibiting strife, competition, and many of life’s irritations from stealing your peace.”

“Satan fears virtue. He is terrified of humility.”


Any thoughts??

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