Mission Statement – Part 1 – WHO?

I have mentioned before that Isaiah 58 has been the spark and the fuel that has guided Kevin and me in responding God’s call on our lives. I’ve been sitting in Isaiah 58 again since last week’s mission trip to South Carolina. It’s interesting (not coincidental) that Central Community Ministries is sparked and fueled by the same passage – bottom line, being the hands and feet of Jesus – Servant Evangelism. Let me share how God has shown us WHO we are called to minister to/with, challenged us through this passage WHAT He’s called us to do, and encouraged us in providing HOW we will do it.

WHO? – The Broken

God has impressed upon our hearts these verses as a mission statement.

Vs. 6 – To break the chains of wickedness

– To untie the ropes of the yoke

– To set the oppressed free

Vs. 7- To share your bread with the hungry

-To bring the poor and homeless into your house

-To clothe the naked

– Not to ignore your own flesh and blood

Vs. 10 – Satisfy the afflicted one

He wasn’t kidding when He called us to that. We live in a horribly broken world and there are a lot of broken, hurting people that need set free from oppression of every kind, yokes untied, and to have basic needs met (food, home, clothing). So far at LifePoint, God has brought in people struggling in marriages, porn addicts, gluttons, drug addicts, mentally ill, alcoholics, the suicidal, homeless, financially distraught, lonely, fearful, confused, unemployed, unfaithful… and those are just the ones we know what they’re dealing with. I’m sure there’s so much more that hasn’t even been shared yet. Let me just say if you’re broken in any way, shape or form – LifePoint is the place for you. We’re all broken.


Any thoughts??

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