Crosswalk Mission Trip Thursday Update

Well, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how good God is – understatement… First of all, can I just point out how different it is to take a group of college students on a trip than high school students? (BTW – I still LOVE high school students too :-)!). Maybe it’s just this GREAT group, they totally rock! These young adults are responsible for themselves, they’re self-starters (see a need and start working on it), work GREAT together, have a desire to seek and serve their God. They are amazing! I’m so proud of them!

They’ve completed their work at one house in Greenville, some inside finish work – the lady should be able to move back in this weekend, they did some updates to a local community center, they’ve worked daily at a local Mission/Soup Kitchen, also worked daily at an after-school program working with children and sharing Jesus with them and finally are working their tails off today to finish up the outside of a house for Mr. Thompson – painting, doing finish work and then clean-up. Tomorrow is supposed to be a “free-day” and sounds like we’ll be hiking in the foothills.

On top of all that – they end each day with devotions. So far, two students have accepted Christ! – Can someone say HALLELUJAH??

Here are some pix from the week. I’ll post more on facebook

The girls’ camp! Cody – more scrapin
Grubbie Kiddos

Workin on Mr. Thompson’s House!

The gang in front of SpringWell Church in Greenville.

P.S. Oh, and by the way – He IS revitalizing my soul – filling the dry cracks with His Living Water – empowering me for His work – Oh, how I like me so much more filled with Jesus.


Any thoughts??

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