Day 2 – Crosswalk Mission Trip – AND SO MUCH MORE!

Warning – this may be a rambler – but calling for some prayer warriors…

I’ll start with a quick update of the day… Went this morning to SpringWell Church. Love the hospitality – on a scale of 1-10 it was a 15! It is great to be a 1st time guest – opens your eyes to what 1st time guests feel and notice… Took a lot of notes. Great message about – “Walk Across The Room” taken from Bill Hybels message. Kids enjoyed their classes – we were done and out of there at 10:30… that was wierd! Went to CiCi’s pizza and waited for them to open at 11am and feed 30 people :-). Good times.

The afternoon – The Crosswalk students planned meals for the week and did some grocery shopping, then had a ministry meeting for the week. Me and the kiddos, though ventured in/through Greenville… I promised them a pool, and we found a hotel for the same price – with a pool. They got to swim – they were happy, that made me smile. I loved watching them play – I LOVE BEING MOMMY! I hung out in the hot tub… the pool a little too cool for a sissy like me ;-). Then we went back to the room, the kiddos got to rest… they didn’t sleep AT ALL yesterday during the 12 hour trip, late night, early morning – they needed the rest!

This evening we ventured out to NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC (yes, they have a Greenville campus, but we wanted to go to the LIVE church, and it was only about 30 minutes away). Today was the opening of the new children’s wing – can I just say… phenomenal! Interestingly enough, we use the same curriculum and my kiddos have already been through Super Sports Spectacular – so that was kinda kewl for them. Emma had to be greatly encouraged to go to the class – Joey and Julia went without hesitation. Some things never change. Initially I was going to give her the option to go to church with me, but at NewSpring, kids 5th grade and under are not allowed in the service. Interesting. I knew some churches did that, I guess if you don’t like it, you don’t go there… didn’t bother me. The service was great. Heard my 1st live message by Pastor Perry Noble. I read his blog. What I love about his blog is that he calls a Spade a Spade, doesn’t tiptoe around what the Bible says about tough issues and gets his point across. He preaches the exact same way. He was a little “too much” for some in the group – but I’d take brass over wishy-washy ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. But that’s just me ;-). From what I gather, Perry Noble – you either LOVE him or HATE him – there is no in-between. I’m gonna choose LOVE. He is a brother ya’ know ;-).

In-between all this today – I’m getting phone calls, texts and picture messages from neighbors… our neighborhood is flooding… :-(. It sounds like it’s almost as bad as 8.07… 😦 :-(. Neighbors have been checking on our basement and so far we are DRY! THANK YOU JESUS! Please PRAY for our neighbors that ARE getting water in their basements and please PRAY that we don’t get any. We have already had friends and neighbors offer to help if we do – but I really don’t want to cross that bridge if we don’t have to. Please also pray for FINDLAY – we’re no strangers to flooding… and so far the river is supposed to crest at about 14.4 ft. which isn’t as bad as the last 3 floods… but there is still rain in the forcast for overnight… Just pray!

Did you hear about the shooting at a Baptist church in Maryville, IL. So sad… please pray!!

Please pray about another emergency going on this weekend back home. Yeah, not a good weekend to be away, but my GOD IS SOVEREIGN. No more details than that, but pray for healing, redemption and His perfect will for His precious child.

Finally, PRAY for tomorrow. We are splitting up into 3 groups; one going to do construction, one group going to scrape paint to prepare for painting later this week and one group going to a soup kitchen. Then we will have lunch, chill for a bit and we’ll head to an after school program (SO looking forward to that!).

Nuff rambling – I’m out! Peace~Kendra


Any thoughts??

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