Fears & Failures a.k.a. The BIG, The BAD and The UGLY!

So, that would describe the past couple of days… I’ve been UGLY. No way around it, let’s not sugarcoat… So, slowly Jesus is healing my heart of this ugliness, my fears and failures of this week. This morning on the way to pick up the students @ BG for the mission trip, “Mighty To Save ” came on KLOVE, which just happens to be one of my fav songs right now… love verse 1 – “Everyone needs compassion” – SO TRUE… but the 2nd verse was like God was speaking directly to moi, “Take me as you find me, all my FEARS and FAILURES.” The truth is He does take us as we are, fears, failures, ugliness – as we are. How great is our God that we can come (and come back and come back) to Him as we are and there is no condemnation – just loved back into relationship! His love is so deep, so wide, indescribable. No matter WHERE life finds you today, let Him “take you as He finds you.”

God has tremendous plans for this week. Praying for my friends at LP! Rock that place for Jesus! Lord Jesus – have your way at LP tomorrow. Move like never before. Someone needs to know that You love them, may their ears be open to hear.

I’m super-excited about our 1st day in Greenville. We’re going to Ellis’s church in the mornin (what am I still doing UP???) and then NewSpring in the afternoon!! Sometime in-between we are going to plan the week, plan our meals, get groceries and hang out with 25 of my favorite college students!!

My eyes have been opened and I realized this is no time to faint, to be weary. Satan is not happy about the ministries happening down here or back in Ohio – so time to lick our wounds and armor up for the battles – claiming VICTORY in Jesus’ name. Have a BLESSED Lord’s Day!


Any thoughts??

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