Julia, Joey and Emma are almost at then end of another year of Upward basketball. I love Upwards because its philosophy that UPWARDS “promotes salvation, character, and self-esteem in every child.” It’s instructional, even the refs explain to the kiddos when they travel, double dribble or foul. All the kids get to play and while they are learning the fundamentals, they also are having fun. On top of all that, they get exercise, make friendships and learn teamwork!! (For us it counts as phys. ed 🙂 – double whammy!)

Here are some shots of the girls at practice and at games.

This year we were blessed to have Julia and Emma on the same team!!
Definitely saves on the “running” we have to do!!

Here is Joe-Man at his 1st ever basketball practice! He was SOOOOOO excited!!

I’m proud of the kiddos for how much they improved this year and for their great attitudes!!

Of course, the best part of every game is getting the snack at the end of the game!!


Any thoughts??

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