Princess Date Night (a week later)

So, wanted to share our special night from (last) Friday… I didn’t want to blog it without photos… and somebody took the camera to the church and didn’t bring it home… so I had to be patient :-).

Anyhoo, last Friday, our son Joey was invited to spend the night at a friend’s so we decided to treat our girls to a princess night. The 1st stop was to get their hair cut… at a salon! They have NEVER had their hair cut at a salon, except for their 1st haircuts when they were babies – so they were super excited about this (never mind that it was “Great Clips”… they have no idea that’s a cheapy haircut place… they just knew that was a salon and felt pretty special).

This is Julia & Emma pre-makeover – purty excited!!!

JuJu gettin those tangles can be pretty nasty!!! (But still loving the salon!!)

Emma couldn’t stop smiling… that makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

After the haircuts, we went to Cato and then to Walmart and I let the girls pick out an outfit. SHOPPING! Yet another rarity for the Grubbie Girls… They delighted in shopping and I delighted in CLEARANCE items!! WOO HOO!! After shopping, we returned home to finish getting ready… putting on their new clothes and getting their hair curled (they wanted to charge me $20 at Great Clips to curl their hair… and the haircut was $4.99… yeah, I decided to take them home and finish the makeover there…) Here is the result…

My TWO extreme beauties!!

Someone asked me if my girls get along… the answer – 95% of the time… (when they don’t it ain’t pretty…) BUT, THIS day was a LOT of FUN!!I have NO idea why they posed this way!!
The only problem is they look TOO GROWN UP!!!!

They are SUNSHINE to my soul!! Thank God for Little Girls!!

Well, we were all dressed up and wondered where we would be going. Daddy announced that we would be dining at FINS – a new Seafood place in Findlay. So, his three dates in hand, off we went in our Uplander chariot to enjoy some seafood. (Well, the girls ordered Chicken Alfredo off the kids menu… but Kevin and I enjoyed seafood).

Daddy with Princess #1

Me with Princess #2

Me n My PRINCE!!!

My darlin’ princesses!

They enjoyed their special night. It ended all too soon! I pray it will be a night that they remember for a long time.

Any thoughts??

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