A Lot Less of LifePoint – 30 Day Challenge Report

I’m please to share with you all that there is a lot less of LifePoint to love… we were challenged to live healthier, get some exercise, make healthy choices and ladies and gentlemen – the scale doesn’t lie… Well over 100 pounds were lost among those participating (and we still need to get some more numbers of those not in attendance today… so the total is rising!!) I’m super excited about this for two reasons – 1) for each pound lost, we are donating $1 to Mission Possible AND Flag City Fitness has announced that they will match our final weight-loss total and donate to MP also! 2) People are making life changes for Jesus. It’s really not about the weight loss or what the scale says, it’s about people making healthy choices to take care of these vessels for our Jesus. (However, when the scale shows progress, for those of needing to lose weight so that we can be healthier… it’s pretty exciting!!)

I lost 9.5 pounds, but was told we’re rounding to the nearest whole number… so that would be T-E-N baby! and I am SOOOOOOOO excited about that! I am loving working out again and feel so much better from eating healthier! TO GOD BE THE GLORY! For me, it’s 20% of my goal… so there’s still work to be done… and by God’s grace, I’ll press on. It’s like my favorite movie says, “We do our best and leave our results up to Him!”

To my PEEPS at LifePoint – I’m proud of you and how you are letting God work in your life in this area! Keep making those healthy choices and like I said above – TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


Any thoughts??

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