So, Sunday morning’s 2:30 am rambling ended up being more about what God is doing IN me, so let me share what HE is doing AROUND me. It is amazing to be a spectator to the Sovereign God’s playbook of life.

•People are surrendering their MONEY. We’re in the middle of a series on what many pastors don’t touch on for years… Money. And let me tell ya’, Satan and his buddies do NOT want people to have victory in this area! I’d be willing to say that little S. probably has a foothold in over 90% of Christians in the area of money. We just need to remind little S. that Jesus said, “I have conquered (overcome) the world.” People are having victory in the area of money and God’s view of it – Let’s PRAISE HIM!
•People are coming to know the Lord and people are coming to GROW in the Lord. (‘Nuf Said).
•Transformations have begun and are progressing. Took a moment to reflect on my own life this weekend and the transformation God has done (and is doing) in me. It didn’t happen (isn’t happening) overnight. It is amazing to watch Him transforming. We praise God for baby steps!
•People are taking better care of their earthly temples. Coming off the series of “God and Your Bod,” people have made decisions and lifestyle changes that are for God’s glory.
•Relationships within families are being healed. AWESOME!
• Marriages are rediscovering each other and being mended.
• Conflicts are being resolved and God is creating unity.
• More people want to be involved in God’s work at LP.

Life definitely is NOT boring right now and God is SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!

“Sing a new song to the LORD, for He has performed wonders; His right hand and holy arm have won Him victory. The LORD has made His victory known, He has revealed His righteousness.” Psalm 98: 1-2

Any thoughts??

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