Some may wonder… do HOMESCHOOLERS get SnOw DaYs??? Well, the answer is a resounding – – – SOMETIMES :-). He he. This year we have kept to a more “rigid” schedule in order to stay on task and accomodate my “work” hours. So, sometimes, when the local school delays or cancels, we still have school, or at least a modified version of it – hitting the basics… Today, though, it’s an official SNOW DAY! On the agenda (if the kiddos ever wake up… yes! it’s 9:30 am and they’re still sleepin’… the principal let them stay up late last night because he had already declared a snow day and if there’s one thing my kiddos love to do, it’s sleep in!):
oh yeah, the agenda –

  • Make a snowman out of fluffy new-fallen snow
  • Read for fun (library books :-)).
  • Snow Angels
  • Snow Forts
  • Watch the twins for a bit this afternoon
  • Go sledding (MAYBE… that may have to wait ’til tomorrow… the roads are kinda bad).
How are you spending this SNOW day?? Are you getting SNOW where you live??

Any thoughts??

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