30 Day Challenge

Today (well, maybe yesterday) starts the 30 Day Challenge given to our church. We had over 50! people weigh-in (confidentially) and we’ll weigh in again in 30 days. For every pound that is lost, we will donate $1 to Mission Possible. (On my elliptical, pictured above, I put a picture of the child we sponsor through Mission Possible. Little Angel is going to be further motivation to sweat away those pounds!!!) For the past two weeks, we heard messages about “God and Your Bod”. The 1st week what what the Bible had to say about gluttony. It is compared to alcohol and drunkenness in almost every verse. You can read more about that here. I love how Kevin (my pastor and darling hubby) has a vision to not only share what God’s Word has to say about a topic, he’s going to give us the tools/teaching to help us follow through. Yesterday, Dave Sprouse, owner of Flag City Fitness, shared not only the spiritual, but the practical on how to get or maintain a healthy body (temple) for God. (On top of that, anyone doing the 30 day challenge gets a FREE 30 day membership at the gym! Isn’t that awesome???) He busted some myths that are out there and gave us the straight facts; energy taken in (food) must = energy put out to maintain, and energy put out, must be > energy taken in (food) to lose weight. If you take your body weight x 12, that = how many calories your should intake each day to maintain your current weight. In order to lose a pound a week, you should decrease your energy taken in by 500 calories/day OR increase your energy used (exercise) by 500 calories/day.

For example, if you weigh 150 lbs. 150×12 = 1800. So to maintain, a person who weighs 150 pounds can eat 1800 calories a day. If she wants to lose 1 pound a week, she can reduce her caloric intake by 250 calories (=1550) AND exercise to burn 250 calories. You do no exercise, you reduce by 500. You exercise more, you can add some calories.

So, I’ll be counting calories, but also going to keep in mind the principles I learned in the book “Eating for Life” by Bill Phillips (recommended by our family Dr. last year). It’s an incredible resource about healthy eating for the whole family. I hope to bring glory to God, look and feel better and raise come CASH for Mission Possible.

If you would like to participate in the 30 Day Challenge with us, jump on in. Donate the $$$ for the weight you lose to the charity of your choice, or feel free to donate also to Mission Possible! Let’s do this THANG!


Any thoughts??

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