Holiday Wrap Up

Oh boy! Was I looking forward to getting back into a “routine” and having things go back to normal (at least around home)!! (What is normal anyways??) This morning started out challenging (of course) but got a full school day in and that felt good!

•Christmas was good, even GREAT at times! It was awesome to have a Christmas Eve service to attend again, and let me tell ya’ it was ROCKIN’! A joyful-explosive mix of the old and new, brought together in praise and adoration for the King who was born one day 2000+ years ago! I never get tired of that story!!!
•The whole fam got crazy spoiled by both of our parents… and we’re so thankful!!
•Speaking of being crazy spoiled… got a new camera so I’m back in the snappin’ action!! I’ve taken 250 pictures since December 21st… but I assume I’ll be deleting some of them!!
•Had a planning meeting for 2009 for LP! (It went til 1am! That KRAZY PASTOR!!). Super-stoked about some of the things coming up this year to “Connect this Community to Christ”! I’m also excited for what we don’t have planned, but He does !!
•The possibilities for Easter make me blush…
•Apparently, I wasn’t the only one on blog “slow down”. I did have over 150 blogs to read in my “reader” though, at one point.
•Made some decisions and changed the ‘ol schedule a bit for 2009 in a quest to be most effective with our time and more focused on what we’ve been called to… I’ll let ya’ know if a few weeks if it’s working!!

Enjoy the pix from the holiday festivities!!


Any thoughts??

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