Looking at the year gone by…

Faster and faster each December 31st comes upon us, doesn’t it?? Got swept up in a major whirlwind of busy-ness this past month, and mostly didn’t have to do with the holidays… Had a Christmas blog in my brainski, but it may have to wait ’til next year, along with some other thoughts that I said, “oh, maybe I’ll blog that”… Today, morning plans got changed so I went back to bed, slept in insanely late, enjoyed my “green chair” time, watched a dog movie with bad guys (so original), played the Wii and am now contemplating a shower at 2pm!! I have a few to-dos today, but nothing pressing and I am thoroughly enjoying this strange and rare feeling of relaxation!! So, all that said, I thought maybe I’d update the ‘ol blog with a few year-end thoughts:

  • Sundays message at church summed up and wrapped up 2008. Time to deposit and leave behind last year’s heavy personal and other baggage and move on lighter and freer to serve Christ even more fervently in 2009. I know I personally left some Samsonite and American Tourister at Jesus’ feet and I believe we did as a church as well. Man, that feels good 🙂
  • Christmas – Enjoyable, frantic, yummy, simple, crazy all wrapped up in a multi-colored curly bow… need I say more ???
  • Facebook – I think it was early 2008 when I signed up for this “social networking” site… The past month has been high-school reunion days. I’ve enjoyed catching up with friends of old and staying current on the new ones as well. I even get an occasional cyber-Starbucks… and that brings a smile to my face :-).
  • Resolution – Nah! However, I have been evaluating that which is within my control and God has been leading me this past month, how to grow and be more effective in some areas. (Hmmmmm… there’s lots of room to grow :-)). The other stuff – that which is not within my control – is lifted up to my Jesus, who IS in control of all things and works them for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.
  • FAM – Can’t fathom that my baby will be SEVEN in 2009! Hoping to embrace, even more, these precious moments with those babies God has entrusted to us and grow together more in our walks with Christ individually and as a family.
  • LP – A year ago, we spent this week praying about who may be called to join us on this next step of ministry. January – Next Church Planting Conference, Feb-March – visiting different church plants, April – June – lots of praying, planning, started meeting as a core team at our home, July – September – 3 Preview Services & 3 ComeBack Events, Oct- LAUNCHED, Nov. – Dec. – growing, working out some kinks, planning for the future, watching God work and provide. Even with some kinks and obstacles, can’t fathom being anywhere but here as a part of God’s will. Never would’ve imagined how 2008 would turn out and I know that God is ready to move even more in 2009 and bring more people to Himself!! It’s so incredible to see how He’s changed lives, burdened people for ministry and allowed us to be a part of blessing some people/organizations in this community. And to think, He hasn’t come back yet, so He’s not finished yet!!! Praying 2009 will be a year of surrender like never before!!

Hope you have a safe, happy and healthy New Year filled with God’s blessings!!!


Any thoughts??

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