So, had a relatively uneventful day today… until 3:55. I arrived at work, grabbed my purse and my quesadilla I brought for supper, set my foot down on the pavement and the day became eventful. My body flailed round like a fish out of water and landed smack dab on my bum all in about .3 seconds all while the quesadilla went flying into the air. Quite a sight, I’m sure. Thankfully, noone saw me (that I could see…)

No broken bones. Not too injured… I think!

But, now 5 hours later, I’m feelin’ quite stiff and I have a strange suspicion that the mornin’ may bring some aches and pains. I’m about to find out ‘cuz I’m headin’ to the pillowtop mattress as soon as I click post!

PS – Honestly, I’m still praisin the LORD, b/c a friend of mine did that last year on New Year’s day and BROKE her ankle! I can deal with achy for a few days…


Any thoughts??

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