Answered Prayer

So, as I drive around town, go to work, church, kids’ activities etc. I just find myself praising the LORD! Why, you ask? Because GOD has answered my prayer! I was sitting in the WalMart parking lot the other day, waiting for Kevin when I realized it as I stared at the gas station across the parking lot! Starting about 2 years ago, as gas prices were drastically on the rise, I started praying about them. Yes! I was praying about gas prices! I even mentioned it with our Bible Study group at the time to which someone replied, “Don’t you think God has better things to do than worry about our gas prices?” Uh-huh. Yes, they did! I even found myself questioning if I should be praying about such a thang! Well, I don’t know about where you live, but this summer, gas was over $4.00/gallon ’round here. Lately it has been $1.44-1.50!! I’m just saying, God does care about Gas prices. God cares about the big things and the little things! And He answers prayer… even about gas! Well, He answered this prayer, and I’m gonna praise Him for it!!


Any thoughts??

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