It’s a WRAP!

The weekend is over! Whew! On one hand, this was a very relaxing weekend. On another hand parts of it were packed full.

Today we decorated the tree. Simple, enjoyable family time task. But, we were short some lights, so we ran to Walmart and picked up a couple more strands of green wire/clear light lights… which only half worked! So, dear Kevo ran back to WM and exchanged them… tried out several before bringing new ones home. Apparently WM is having light issues this year… He said these were the 752nd set brought back! FUN! While he was gone, I snuck a little nap (shhh, don’t tell anyone!).

He came back, we finished up decorating, the the kids had a dance JAM! Emma gave sleigh rides ON HER BACK! After Joey realized that Nala was NOT going to dance with him, he danced with his Mama :-)!! Julia, well, that girl DOES have some latina in her!!! We ate some leftover pumpkin pie and settled down to watch ELF! to get us in the holiday spirit even more. I love ELF! Makes me laugh every time! “I like smiling! Smiling’s my favorite!”

My favorite Christmas decoration to put out is the Nativity that was a wedding gift made by hand by my dad’s cousin. The pieces are HUGE and for our 1st Christmas (in wedded bliss), my mom, knowing the pieces are huge, had a guy make a stable that would fit the pieces. It’s so purtee! (When I get a camera, or borrow one… I’ll show ya’ll!) The only thing is, this is its 15th Christmas. Today I superglued Miss Angel’s wing back on and Mr. Sheep’s ear. Poor Baby Jesus has been without an arm on one side and a hand on the other. And, Mary’s poor donkey is missing an ear… so we shove her in the back of the stable. Can we just say the Nativity has character???

What’s your favorite Christmas decoration???? I’d love to hear it!


Any thoughts??

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