A Quiet House…

So, yesterday I posted all the things I’m thankful for while enjoying some quiet in my home as the kiddos were away. In that post I mentioned nice things about those that live under the same roof as me… NEVER FAILS! Every time I post niceties… they do just the opposite :-(. That, coupled with two nights away, added up to today being filled with whining, meanness, greediness, craziness and so on! Yes, this post is called “a quiet house” because the kids went to BED at 6:30!!! Now, it’s nearing 9:30 and I’m starting to be thankful again ;-)…

I did enjoy our time, though, at the Bed and Breakfast (our home!). We stayed up late Thursday, slept in Friday, never went to the office like planned… just hung out and chilled out. Then we spent some time with friends Friday night. Today, we did head to the office to get things done before the kiddos came home. Kevin’s parents brought the kiddos home and joined us as we headed out to Kaleidoscope Farms where we saw a reindeer, baby calf, donkeys, took a wagon ride, sipped some cider and picked out a Christmas Tree. If you live anywhere near the Findlay/Pandora area, you should get your tree there! We put the tree up (will decorate it tomorrow), put out some Christmas decorations and headed out for pizza with Kev’s parents. There we were able to watch the Liberty Benton State Championship game (bummer they didn’t win though!)

So, there you have it, our weekend in a nutshell. Tomorrow, heading to life at LifePoint! It’s still quite chilly in the gym with NO HEAT… We bought a couple more heaters to put in there for tomorrow… I really commend the LP attenders for their flexibility and endurance to wear their winter coats during service! Yes, some people will do anything to worship Jesus together! People across the world meet in secret homes, under tarps in HOT climates and probably we’re not alone meeting in rather chilly circumstances. Tomorrow concludes the LOST series… LOST and FOUND! Pray that God brings that one person (or more) who will FIND Jesus and start a relationship with Him! Have a great Lord’s Day!


Any thoughts??

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