I really am…


This morning I woke up to a QUIET house! The kiddos stayed back in T-Town split between the two sets of grandparents and my darling Hubby took this opportunity to catch up on some much needed SLEEP! (Can you say 10:30 am!! Amen and Hallelujah!) I slept in too… ’til 8:30! I had my sights set on 10:00 am… but wide awake at 8:30… what can I say, I’m a morning person! I have been a traditional BLACK FRIDAY shopper… but I’m not shopping today ‘cuz if I can’t pay cash… I ain’t buying it! And the cool thing is that I’m totally fine with NOT shopping today! So, instead I thought I’d take some time to jot down what I AM thankful for…

I’m thankful for…

  • the recurring theme in my devotion/quiet time of God’s power and the power we have in HIM, the hope we have in HIM and the VICTORY we can have in HIM!
  • dog hair… all over my house because Miss Nala brings joy to our family and she really is a GREAT DOG!
  • socks all over my house (seriously, I’m finding them in the weirdest places) because I’m thankful for the people who wear those socks and I’m thankful that we have socks to wear!
  • God’s calling on my life and that by His grace I am able to follow His calling! I’m thankful for being stretched and uncomfortable. I’m thankful that I’m depending more on HIM than ever before in my life. I’m thankful for His faithfulness!
  • people in my life… family, old friends, new friends, church people, un-churched people, annoying people, nice people, mean people, godly people! We all have a part in each others’ “spiritual growth plan” as I’ve heard it put and we’re in each others’ lives for a reason!!
  • my HUBBY! He is a soldier for our Living God! He’s a fighter and not a quitter. He will do whatever it takes to follow God’s purpose for his life. He gives tirelessly and NEVER complains! He loves Jesus, he loves me and he loves our kiddos! He is full of faith and optimistic even when faced with impossibility. Next to Jesus, he is the strength I need in my life. Love ya’ babe!
  • Miss Julia – God has BIG plans for that little lady! She is blossoming into a little Jesus Freak, really working on trying to make decisions that are pleasing to Him. Stumbling along the way, as we all do, but her heart is pointed towards Jesus and that’s the most important step!
  • Miss Emma – with a heart the size of Texas, the Eminator is physically strong and yet delightfully tender. There’s nothing like an Emma bear hug and she’s willing to give it to just about anyone. She’s a hard worker and likes things done right.
  • Joe-Man – is cracking me up just about every day with the things that he says. He’s a fast learner and truly a joy to teach at home! You think he’s not listening to something (at home or at church) then he busts out some startling revelation. AND, I have never met another child who can hold so much Star Wars Trivia in his little 6 year old brainski!
  • times of financial uncertainty this year for I know even more that He is Jehovah-Jireh, My Provider.
  • times of physical illness for I know even more that He is Jehova-Raffa – My Healer!
  • the internet… yeah, that might sound weird, but you are thankful for it too… you’re on it right now! 🙂 I like writing and I like reading blogs. I’m thankful for “bloggy” friends. I’m thankful for the availability of keeping up with people via blogs, FB etc. And I can check the weather to boot! What more could a woman need?
  • what I have and what I don’t have. I’m thankful for “just enough”.
  • music!
  • GAS PRICES!!!!
  • being able to bring a message of HOPE to those God places in my path, for opportunities to give and for opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Enlarge my territory, Lord!
  • being able to stand in prayer for those who desperately need it and trusting that He is working it out! I’m thankful He hears and He IS working and He is sovereign! I’m thankful I am His!

Any thoughts??

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