I can’t DANCE!

So, I have to share something a little funny (at least to me…). Today after church, I was dancing my way to the cafe for a coffee refill. My friend (who shall remain nameless :-)) danced too… then said, “I can’t dance. I don’t have the beat like Kendra.” Her husband responded, “No dear, that’s because you’re white.” Well, the funny thing is “I AM white!” He was like, “Really?” Then he said, “You must fake-bake!” I’m like, “Nope!” LOL. Just brown. I guess because I’m brown and I speak Spanish that maybe I was latina. But, I am a pure Heinz 57 – German, French, Dutch, English with a touch of Native American married to a Polish-Mexican! For some reason, that just cracked me up!

PS: Honestly, I can’t dance!! But, I’m sure there are some great dancers that are white, brown, black…


Any thoughts??

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