What a Night!!!

The Thursday before Halloween in Findlay is traditionally “Trick or Treat” night. For the past eight years, we (the Grubbies) have not participated in anything that had to do with Halloween. We went to another church in town that always had a “Fall Festival” on that night. Kids could still wear costumes if they wanted, or not. Last year we even hosted our own “Fall Carnival” at the ministry we were in at the time. It was a huge success… among Christian families. Then, shortly after hosting that carnival, I read a blog that Jen recommended about being an inward church as opposed to an outward church. It hit me (and my husband) like a ton of bricks because THAT was what we were doing and becoming. We were focusing inward. Ohhhhh, keep the little Christian kids in on Halloween so they are not so evilly influenced. Whatever happened to not hiding your light under a bushel???

Since its inception (January of this year, and officially October 5th), LifePoint has made it a point that we want to be OUT in the community, so we decided to do something a little different this year. We sponsored “TRUNK or TREAT” in our parking lot. That way, instead of being inside during the night when most of the community is OUT, we can be OUT with them, getting to know them and sharing what LP is all about! Several families from our church parked their Cars, SUVs and Mini-Vans in our parking lot. Some were decorated (a pirate ship, outer space and a bathroom scene complete with TOILET TREATS… a real toilet (clean!!) with treats in it!!) and some just opened their trunks to give some goodies to the kiddos in our community. We met a LOT of people tonight and made some good connections! (Our purpose statement is “Connecting the Community to Christ”.) Some couldn’t believe it was a church that was doing this!!! We got to talk with people, give them some apple cider and give them a card with information about LP. I think this was our best event yet!! Praying there were seeds sown that will be watered and harvested in the near future :-)!


Any thoughts??

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