Airborne, Zicam & Tylonel Oh My!

Woke up yesterday mornin’ sneezin’ and congested. Figures… get a blast of nice fall weather followed by cold, a typical phenomena here in Ohio, people get sick. Lotsa’ junk going around these days, kids in the neighborhood with a fever virus that lasts 5-6 days, stomach flu and the blessed common cold.

Well, since it was DAY 1 of the “Common Cold” I thought I attack it with all artillery… ya’ know, all the meds that claim they will shorten or lessen the common cold. I was at Wal-Mart buying some Equate cold medicine and Airborne when a VERY NICE LADY says to me, “Is this your 1st day of the cold?” I reply, “Yes, just started this morning.” Then she reached in her purse and pulled out a Zicam nasal swab that she had gotten as a free sample from her drug store and she gave it to me. Wasn’t that sweet!!?? So, I started attacking this cold with Airborne (chock full o’ vitamins…) and Zicam (zinc) and tried to treat the sympoms with Equate Cold and Sinus. All that effort…

I took the girls to see High School Musical 3 last night (it was playing at the cheapy theatre in Bluffton… can you believe it, OPENING NIGHT!!). It was good, typical HSM cheese, romance and drama. The girls thoroughly enjoyed it! As the movie was playing, I was feeling progressively worse. Throughout the night I had a fever, which is oh so pleasant.

Well, Praise the Lord I haven’t had a fever since this morning… so I’m hoping I can be drugged up enough with decongestants to make it to church tomorrow. I had NOTHING going on today, which is a miracle in and of itself, so have been resting and chilling. Still sucking down the Airborne every 4 hours and praying for a short cold.

PS. I feel bad even whining about this cold as my sis has been battling bronchitis (since LABOR DAY), which turned into walking pneumonia which turned into pneumonia… Please pray for her!! She is still feeling cruddy.


Any thoughts??

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