Palin Rally

We left the house at 6:30 am and Brrrrrrrr! It was cold! We parked about 4-5 blocks away from the University of Findlay’s Koehler Center and then had to find the end of the line wrapped all the way around the KC. We sipped our coffee in anticipation of the rally gathered with about 10,000 of our closest friends ;-). Finally, we enter the building to the sign OHIO (HEART) SARAH on the left and the American Flag on the right. Finally, at about 8:50, the speakers started. There were quite a few but I’ll highlight a couple:

Congressman Jim Jordan highlighted what the McCain Campaign is all about:

*** FAITH *** FAMILY *** FREEDOM ***

He mentioned that the Democrat’s version of family is “big brother” in Washington where their version of family was “honor thy mother and father.” 🙂 He concluded with the verse at the end of the race, we can say that we have “fought the good fight…” Oooooo, I’m a sucker for Scripture!!
Senator Voinovich also quoted Scriptures out of Proverbs (about being a slave to the lender) in regards to the 10Billion debt crisis in America and McCain’s plan to help with that and also out of Isaiah that those who “Trust in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint.” I find comfort in leaders that are not afraid to quote scripture in this day and age.
Finally, there was quite the excitement in the air as fun music was playing over the speakers and “McCain – Palin” signs and “Country First” signs were being handed out to the crowd. Then it was announced that she was here. Two of her daughters walked out 1st followed by Sarah and her husband!* She just radiated and lit the place up! She comes to the microphone and says, “You didn’t come here so early in the morning just to hear some political speech. So why don’t we welcome LEE GREENWOOD to lead us in the Star Spangled Banner! Lee Greenwood! Loved it! BUT! It didn’t stop there, then he sang the song he’s most famous for, “Proud To Be an American!” I am VERY patriotic and every time I hear that song I cry (especially the line I won’t forget the men who died, that gave that right to me…) and to hear it sung, IN PERSON, by LEE GREENWOOD himself was too much, overwhelming! The rally could’ve ended there and I would’ve been so filled with patriotism and love for America… but Sarah had something to say. A few things actually. A friend of mine equated being at the rally as opposed to being at home seeing her on TV to watching a baseball game in person and watching in on TV. There is an excitement flourishing through the arena AND the news media couldn’t just pick and choose which clips we the public could watch. We got to hear the whole thing!
Does Sarah Palin have enough experience to be the next Vice President? The answer is YES! She was governor of the biggest state in the US, has dealt with foreign heads of state and has a fantastic understanding of how to help the energy crisis in America. She can relate to every day Americans, faces the same concerns we all do and isn’t so wrapped up in politics that she’s tainted by it. Her husband has worked for years in the oil fields in Alaska as well as being a commercial fisherman. NOT YOUR TYPICAL WASHINGTON POLITICAl FAMILY! Real people! *And can I just say this as far as her family. Seeing two of her girls out there greeting (mainly the students there), signing signs and passing out stickers it reminded me of when we were on deputation. Some conservatives are critical of Sarah Palin having a career in government when she has a family, but seeing them today brought to light. They probably spend more time together as a family than most American families do, especially now while they are traveling together. And who knows what her schedule would be like once in office? While we were missionaries, that was some of the busiest times of our lives, but we travelled the country together, presented in churches together (my little girls handing out our prayer cards) and served the Lord together. And yes, sometimes we put our kids in the nursery… and THAT WAS OK! Who are we to say that she can’t handle it? No, I’m not a feminist, I don’t feel strongly about women “getting ahead” but I know many families with a working Mom (I’m one of them) where it works without family being sacrificed. (–> Stepping off soapbox now :-)).
Does McCain have what it takes to lead this country? Again the answer is YES! He has the background and experience to hold the most powerful position in the world, Commander in Chief of the United States of America. “And he has the scars to prove it!” Perfect, no! My 1st choice from the primaries, no! He does though, have a plan for small businesses, for middle class Americans and for the overall economy. Will he solve all the nation’s problems (see previous post on the election), NO! He and Sarah are pro-life** and YES! That’s important to me. He has a plan to finish what needs to be done in Iraq and keep Ameria safe from further attacks from foreign threats.
Oh, I wish I could remember more! I should’ve taken our video camera (that still works :-). I took some pix with my cell phone… they’re not too good, but I have to wait for Shawn to email me his good pix!! Hurry up, Shawn :-)!!
Finally, I have to share more about my heart on the abortion issue. I blogged about it here. But also, I want to share a story about a conversation in my kitchen just this week. A neighbor’s cat visits our porch every day. Well, that is fine and dandy, but he has started to massage his claws on our furniture and I really don’t want him to ruin our deck chairs. The kids, dramatic as they are, say let’s just take the BB gun and kill it! I explained to the kiddos that if they killed a cat (aside from it just being WRONG to hurt a harmless lil’ cat, annoying as it is) they would go to jail for ANIMAL CRUELTY. Then, I mumbled under under my breath, “but we can kill babies and it’s supposedly OK.” “Huh, Mom? What did you say?” So, I took it as a teaching moment to try to gently (?) present what abortion is.
“Well, it’s when a Mommy doesn’t want to be pregnant, so she goes to the Dr. and he kills it for her.”
“What?? How do they do that?”
“They take a machine and suck it out of the Mommy and kill the baby.”
The child I was talking to was APPALLED!
“How could they do that? That is NOT RIGHT! Why would they let someone kill a baby.”
If only America could see, with eyes of innocence, that it IS a baby and it IS killing and we justify it, well, some people do.
That’s it for now for my take on politics (until I have something to say again ;-)). This certainly is a crazy election season. In the meantime, I pray we can say as one, “God Bless the USA!”
Sarah’s Daughters Autographing Signs
Sarah Palin speaking

If you’re curious what our local paper had to say about the Palin rally… here ya’ go.

Any thoughts??

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