August of 1992, days before I would leave to study for a semester in Spain, I went to a Vice-Presidential rally in downtown Toledo for none other than AL GORE!!! I had to absentee vote that year as I wouldn’t be back until December… I was 19 and I was a Democrat. Why?? Because my parents were republicans and I was 19… Rebellion at its finest.

Fast forward to October 2008. Jesus Christ has been my Lord and Savior for 11 and a half years. My voting choices have been forever altered. Now I choose candidates that best line up with my standing as a born-again Christian. I’m excited that TOMORROW morning, at 9:00 a.m. I will be at the University of Findlay to hear Sarah Palin speak and campaign as the Vice-Presidential nominee!! Despite her critics as a woman (wife and mother) in politics, I am ecstatic that there is a person that will stand on godly principles and may have an opportunity to influence some decisions for this country. I’m glad that she’s not willing to step back from the hard issues, but firmly presses on as a voice for godly principles (protecting the unborn, guarding the sanctity of marriage). This country was founded upon these principles (LIFE) and upon the Holy Word!!

On a funny note, when I was saying goodbye to my Dad (we met them so they could take the kids for the night – so we can go in the morning…), he said, “Tell Sarah I said Hi and that I’m voting for her.” 🙂 After 35 years, we finally see eye to eye on something. He he!! I love ya’ Dad!!

PS: I went with Kevin tonight to Crosswalk at BGSU. It was interesting to be back at my college alma-mater. So many thing have changed. Some things haven’t. But, I certainly have… and THANK GOD!


Any thoughts??

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